Check Every Box During This Difficult Time

Our Loss of Spouse Checklist can help you find protection and direction while navigating a tempest of emotions  

In the wake of losing a spouse, there is an emotional storm that can make it almost impossible to manage financial obligations. Our Loss of Spouse Checklist is here to help during this difficult time by providing an organized process to understand and manage upcoming financial responsibilities.

What to expect:

  • The checklist includes detailed advice on preparing your finances, with steps such as seeking assistance from a trusted friend, family member or financial advisor. It guides you to gather all important documents, including wills, insurance policies and certificates, in one place for easier management.
  • It also provides an action plan for immediate steps to take, such as contacting funeral homes, securing your home during the funeral, dealing with your spouse's employer, navigating legal matters and more.
  • The checklist lays out your next actions, as well. It guides you through a variety of processes, helping you manage bank accounts, insurance policies, investments, retirement accounts and existing debts. 
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