Here are the dumbest money mistakes famous people have madeā€¦

Being rich and famous doesn't mean never worrying about money. In fact, history is littered with the stories of celebrities who went broke - often spectacularly. Here are a few tales of celebrities and their financial mistakes.

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Financial Lesson:

You'd think being a famous entertainer or wealthy athlete would mean the end of money problems, right?

Not so, as we learned from these tales of celebrity woes.

The rich and famous can fall into the same (or worse) financial traps as anyone else. How can we avoid them?

  1. Watch out for investing fads and don't give in to the hype.
  2. Build strategies that prioritize your long-term financial stability.
  3. Live within your means and don't rob the future to pay for the present.
  4. Get good, objective advice from a professional.
  5. Don't blow all your money because you think an asteroid is coming.

Have questions about your financial strategies? Worried someone in your life is going to go broke?

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