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How the Bright Side of Uncertainty Can Enrich Your Life

Let’s imagine you’re standing in front of two doors.

You have two options.

Open Door 1 and get an ELECTRIC SHOCK.

Or choose the mystery behind Door 2.

Door 2 could be better or worse than Door 1, but you won't find out until you open it.

What do you choose?

Which door would you open?

Most folks would open Door 1.1

That's because most of us would rather have certain pain than gambling with the unknown. And that's true even if we have a 50-50 shot at getting something better, not worse, with Door 2.1


Because we crave certainty. We're calmer when we know what to expect — even if it's certain pain — because we can prepare for it.1

With uncertainty, we're hyper-vigilant to the possibility of pain. We're constantly on edge, waiting for the ball to drop.1

That's stressful and exhausting up until the moment we get certainty. And that waiting and worrying creates its own pain, no matter what outcome we get.1

That's how uncertainty hijacks our mind and outlook.

And that can backfire BIG time.


It closes us off from the priceless opportunities that can come with uncertainty.

And that means we miss the chance to take advantage of all the good that uncertainty can really do for us.

So, what type of lemonade can we make from the lemons of uncertainty?

Let's find out by looking at some of the incredible silver linings of uncertainty.

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7 Surprising Advantages of Embracing the Bright Side of Uncertainty


Uncertainty...Inspires New Thought

The unknown can captivate us. It upsets our assumptions and expectations. And it makes us pay attention and think more deeply. That can get us to think outside of the box and open us up to new possibilities we wouldn't have considered otherwise.


Uncertainty...Builds Character

With the unknown, our choices may be the ONLY things that are 100% in our control. That can really put our judgment, our values, and our beliefs to the test. And it gives us the opportunity to learn from novel experiences, take on new challenges, and truly grow.


Uncertainty...Gives Us a Reality Check

Unexpected new situations can peel back our blinders and open our eyes to what's really going on. That can ground us, so we're not chasing rainbows. It also empowers us to recognize the difficulties we face, so we can actually work through them, instead of ignoring them and hoping they'll go away.


Uncertainty...Spotlights Our Priorities

Big uncertainties mute the little worries and distractions in our lives. When we don't know what's coming next, we're forced to focus on what really matters. As we do, our priorities can be a comforting safety net to fall back on — and a roadmap that gives us direction to move forward with confidence.


Uncertainty...Makes Us More Resilient

Every time we deal with uncertainty, we face novel challenges — and new chances to adapt, improvise, flex our skills, and endure. That can strengthen our mental game and keep us flexible when things go off course. It can also give us better strategies for bouncing back, solving problems, and persevering.2


Uncertainty...Makes Us Grateful

When everything's up in the air and nothing feels certain, it's much easier to appreciate what we DO have — like our relationships, our health, or our career. The gratitude we have for those dependable joys can keep us positive and clear-headed in the face of uncertainty. And that can help us get better at dealing with it and taking advantage of its silver linings.3


Uncertainty...Adjusts Our Perspective

Without surprises, we tend to roll along with life. Uncertainty can stop us in our tracks. It gives us a chance to pause, stand back, and look at the bigger picture. That can give us a fresh outlook and a big-picture perspective. It can also help us make better choices, no matter what type of uncertainty we're facing.4

Like life, uncertainty can become what you make of it — and how you approach it can make ALL the difference in what you get out of it.

Financial Lesson:

Enjoy a More Fulfilling Life by Learning How to Deal with Uncertainty Better

Have you experienced any of those windfalls of uncertainty?

Whether you have or not, you’ll have another chance to in the future.

That’s because, like it or not, uncertainty is an unavoidable part of life.

Big or small, those unknowns can pop up at any time. And they can make us unsure about our options, our choices, and our future.

But it’s not all bad.

Uncertainty can be wonderfully rewarding.

In fact, like life, uncertainty can become what you make of it — and how you approach it can make ALL difference in what you get out of it.

That’s why it pays for us to get better at living with uncertainty.

If we can do that, the silver linings can become golden opportunities for us to grow and prosper.

So, how do we approach uncertainty better?

We can start by accepting it, instead of resisting it.

And we can focus on the positive and check ourselves when we’re spiraling into the worst-case what-ifs.

We can also turn to someone we trust for support and words of reason.



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