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Events for Advisory Business: A Playbook

A guidebook for hosting events

As you work to grow your practice, events play an important role in your marketing strategy. From retention to referrals, they’re a highly-effective way to deepen your client relationships, connect with new prospects and build your brand.

 Interacting outside of a formal business environment provides a strategic opportunity to nurture and engage clients and gain introductions to their families, friends and associates. From the client’s perspective, it shows that you appreciate both their business and who they are as people, and gives them an opportunity to learn, connect with your extended team and meet other members of your community.

Some practices get high return on investment from intimate educational gatherings, while others view social or cultural events as a critical cornerstone of their client relationship efforts, so there’s no magic event-planning formula that will work for everyone. While the length, size, format, costs and logistics of every event will vary greatly, there are a few key considerations every advisory business should note when planning any kind of get-together.

Events Guidebook

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