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2nd Quarter 2021

Brian Fry, CFP®
Safe Landing Financial

The second quarter of 2021 had a little bit of everything: vaccines, inflation concerns, jobs recovery, and more. Let's take a look at how markets performed and what we might look forward to in the months to come.

Looking Back

How Did Markets Perform Last Quarter?

S&P 500

Despite considerable volatility, the broader U.S. market grew strongly in Q2.1


The tech-focused NASDAQ soared on the back of a sustained tech rally after pulling back in mid-quarter.1

DOW 30

Blue chip stocks delivered solid growth despite ongoing inflation and interest rate fears.1

Looking Ahead

What Can We Expect Three to Nine Months Ahead?

U.S. Economic Outlook

Negative Positive

The U.S. economy looks to be on a clear path for growth as the recovery continues.2

Equity Outlook

Negative Positive

Market fundamentals could support continued growth though volatility is very likely.3

Consumer Sentiment

Negative Positive

Consumer sentiment is very strong as Americans look forward to a post-pandemic world with ample cash in their pockets.4,5

Labor Market

Negative Positive

The labor market shows strength, though some sectors and regions may struggle to match workers with roles.6

Business Outlook Survey

Negative Positive

The business outlook looks solid as demand picks up, though inflation and supply chain issues may be obstacles.5

Fiscal Policy

Negative Positive

Government policies could support further growth, though waning stimulus spending and debt concerns may cause bumps.5

"Despite fears of runaway inflation and pandemic-related challenges, markets delivered a strong performance in Q2. While obstacles to growth remain, we expect the economic recovery to continue this quarter."

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Bottom Line

Key Takeaways for Savvy Investors

Despite a lot of uncertainty around business reopenings, vaccination rates, and economic growth, equities delivered a solid performance in the second quarter, closing out the strongest first half since 2019.7

While the quarter closed strong, a number of dips, rallies, and ongoing volatility made it a bumpy road. We can expect more of this as the world continues to recover from the pandemic.

With all the uncertainty, it would not be surprising to see a market correction or pullback in the months ahead.

Overall, the economy seems positioned for strong growth in the second half of the year, though inflation worries, politics, and post-pandemic concerns may weigh.

Bottom line, I'm keeping a close eye on market conditions, as continued uncertainty could drive changes.


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Brian Fry, CFP®
Safe Landing Financial