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Hightower White Paper Reveals Four Personality Factors Driving Successful RIA Acquisitions

The report, developed with behavioral scientists, shows that certain personality traits can help RIAs understand how to succeed with an acquisition

Hightower Advisors commissioned market research and strategy firm Riedel Strategy to conduct a study to better understand what drives the successful sale of an advisory business, and look at how firms can better prepare. The findings? The industry models the decision for a capital partner based on the objective terms of the deal--the right price, the right model, the right operational synergies like the platform, the technology and the service. Advisors, on the other hand, talk primarily about finding the right "fit"– a broad term that describes compatibility across subjective factors like culture, vision, style and personality. The eye-opening conclusion: advisors value subjective factors over objective ones when considering who to sell their business to...they value “fit”.

White Paper

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