Even if You Have $1 Million or More Your Lifestyle is At Risk

Is the next recession going to destroy what you've built?

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Did you know...

If you have $1,000,000 in your retirement portfolio, you're doing about ten times as well as the majority of Americans?1

But regardless of how much you have saved, your lifestyle is still potentially at risk.

In this special presentation, I'll be talking about these risks and giving you actionable information on how to prepare for them.

I'll also be personally answering any questions you may have.

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Here's what I'm talking about in this focused session:

Why the wealthy can still run out of money in retirement.

Why I believe successful Americans need to worry about higher taxes.

The powerful questions I use to help successful retirees choose the right way to retire and protect their lifestyles.

About Roger W. Remling, Financial & Tax Advisor

I'm Roger Remling and I've been a Financial Advisor, Tax Expert, and 401k Coach for over 20 years. I specialize in helping high-net-worth investors and all-around successful people in the Amarillo area pay less in taxes and increase their wealth through investing. I've helped hundreds of clients reduce their taxes, increase their wealth, and actively manage their investments in volatile markets.

I use sophisticated strategies that exploit market trends to help position my clients' portfolios for volatility and downturns before they strike.

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Retirement Risks That Threaten Successful Americans